The function of religion as a symbol of hope in a world of injustices suffering and pain

In the Philippines, during two decades of repression under Ferdinand Marcos, a strong current of Christian acceptance of suffering contributed to the perpetuation of injustices.

Religion is often a key institution for forging and maintaining these agreements. The proportions of the two ingredients vary tremendously from case to case.

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But that last word is not a spoken word, but a living worda fact Parallels between new scientific paradigms and ancient mystical traditions from the world's religions are then noted to illustrate how contemporary dynamic, interconnected, whole systems ways of experiencing and viewing reality can be seen as providing necessary conditions "within the individual" for creating an external global culture of peace in the world.

Many religious networks have their own press and media, which may be used negatively or positively to reinforce or challenge systems of injustice.

The answer must be given in the very place where the questions are raised, namely in life itself Millions of individuals are routinely engaged in the work of INGOs, whose activities span the whole range of human experience, including agriculture, art, communications, economics, education, environment, health, music, politics, religion, sport and transportation.

Three Types of Culture Mentality Sorokin: Cut the root of desire, even for existence itself Do Bak's remade icons of Just Is lament a permanent loss of justice and peace, or do they point tentatively to possibilities of life lived in a damaged world with an alternative Just Is?

For instance, this legitimation partially explains the success of the European settlers in America in displacing the Indian population. By nature contradictory, incomplete, and in process, Holocaust testimony gives voice to the excessiveness of the suffering that remains inchoate and real Felmanp.

Quincy Wright, in his monumental study, A Study of Wardocuments numerous wars and armed conflicts that involve a direct or indirect religious component, Wright, as does Lewis Richardson in his statistical treatise, Statistics of Deadly Quarrels. Unfortunately, the necessary omission of nuanced discussion and supporting research may make complex social interactions appear simpler than they actually are.

Given these considerations, it is possible to look at any religion as having a potential spectrum of different forms within it, each discussed separately in the paper, as follows: Yet a social system may also be destroyed from within when its members fail to redress gross inequities or perceptions of social injustice.

Father time together with mother earth represents the entire evolutionary process of all life including that of our own species which should cause us to appreciate and respect just how intricately connected all life is on our planet.

In looking at diversity, it should also be noted that it is a basic principle of systems theory that the more complex a system is, the more diversity there needs to be within the system for it to maintain itself.

Taking Organized Religion and Beliefs into Dogma Fundamentalism seems to be a trend in almost all the world's religions today. A diffuse and informal variety of coercion that begins in early childhood may be the most effective devise for this purpose.

Religion as Emotional Support: Thus it would seem the suffering should appear to the victims to be more unjust, says Moore.

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In the case of Untouchables, membership is hereditary, not self-chosen. Groups and individuals may distort reality to maintain their self-images, sometimes with quite negative consequences. Similarly in the Philippines, those who initially offered the most resistance to injustice under Marcos had strong political, ideological and religious beliefs.

Variations in levels of self-regard account for a certain amount of unpredictability in the psychological processes of victims of injustice. Among these inhibiting social mechanisms, says Moore, are group solidarity against individual protesters, loss of social support, co-option, fragmentation, and a sense of inevitability.

And it has been defined as: Peace advocates who focus on behavioral or direct violence stress the need to resolve problems of organized violence e. It can enable individuals to transcend social forces; to act in ways other than those prescribed by the social order.

Moral evil is sin, such as murder, rape, abuse, terrorism, or genocide. For example, a study by Parkins of the Giriama of Kenya showed that under their traditional palm-wine economy, Giriama property rights were communal and focused on the sharing or redistribution of wealth.

However, widespread variations occur in how different societies coordinate or organize themselves to resolve these problems. Variations Among Victimizers or Beneficiaries of Injustice What then of victimizers—those who perpetrate or benefit from systems of injustice?

Religion: 3 Most Important Functions of Religion

It will approach the subject not from within a specific religion and its teachings, and not by comparing a series of specific religions, but rather by viewing religion as a generic phenomenon through which a group considers its deepest problems of meaning, suffering, and injustice in light of its beliefs and practices.

For example, in his H. These are a few of the questions that this paper will attempt to explore. What we can do to help others that are suffering involves an approach that utilizes many aspects of civilized societies to achieve healing and to provide support as well as hope.

We are dealing with a case of ideology. Religions commonly use anthropomorphic images of god s created and designed to try and help people understand our existence here on earth and to also show meaningful and appropriate ways to live and function with each other.1 John Explains the primary reason that people suffer in the world today.

It says: "We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." We live in a world that functions on selfish principles and that rests in the power of Satan the Devil. Theodor Adorno’s call for art produced after Auschwitz to think in contradictions and to refuse abstractions of suffering contributes a critical perspective in reading Bak’s images that insists upon art’s special responsibility to respond to real-world injustices.

Function Analogies Comparing Words with Similar Purposes or Actions Example: Leg is to human as wing is to butterfly.

How the World Religions View Suffering

Human legs function in the same way as. Workplace Surveillance by Alex Rosenblat, the function of religion as a symbol of hope in a world of injustices suffering and pain.

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Cross: Cross, the principal symbol of the Christian religion, recalling the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the redeeming benefits of his Passion and death.

Understanding the Golden Rule/Religious and Cultural Origins of the Golden Rule

The cross is thus a sign both of Christ himself and of the faith of Christians. In ceremonial usage, making a sign of the cross may be, according to. Introduction. This treatise is an epistemological study which presents knowledge concerning our human spirituality while defining and using the words God and Christ within the context of our available nonfictional scientific reasoning.

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The function of religion as a symbol of hope in a world of injustices suffering and pain
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