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He was "a doer, happiest when putting ideas into action". But, on the other hand, he made no effort to conciliate the ultra-Tories, and his refusal to form a new ministry with Wellington and pass a Tory reform bill in further weakened his standing with his former followers.

In he carried through the Metropolitan Police Actwhich set up the first disciplined police force for the Greater London area. On the controversial issue of the Corn Lawsto which the landed interest in his party was very sensitive, he brought forward as one of his first measures a new bill drastically reducing the scale of protective duties.

His first task was to meet the long-standing demands in Parliament for a radical reform of the criminal laws. Factory Act[ edit ] Peel finally had a chance to head a majority government following the election of July Quoting the historian GM Young, Hurd writes that "like an able artificer, Peel always thought with his hands".

They had four children. The ideal is alive. The horse stumbled on top of him, and he died three days later on 2 July at the age of 62 due to a clavicular fracture rupturing his subclavian vessels.

Though often piquant, they rarely knew him well and had agendas and prejudices of which they may not themselves have been aware. Undersecretary for War, Chief Secretary for Ireland, and chairman of the Bullion Committee charged with stabilising British finances after the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

Although unpopular at first, they proved very successful in cutting crime in London, and by all cities in Britain were obliged to form their own police forces. Rising crime statistics convinced him that legal reform should be accompanied by improved methods of crime prevention.

This undoubtedly stored up trouble with the Conservative backbenches, but it was neither backward looking nor complacent. Aspinall London,pp.

Robert Peel

Peel refused to form a government, and the Whigs returned to power. It is, however, much harder to access.

This is difficult to prove, and raises some important questions. He married Annie Jenny in Peel was bitterly attacked for his sudden change of heart and lost his seat for Oxford. His father was one of the richest textile manufacturers of the early Industrial Revolution. The income tax was renewed, and there was another, even more massive round of tariff reductions.

Queen Mary University of London Citation: Though he has an unchallenged place as founder of the modern Conservative Party, his political outlook was formed in the pre-reform era.

The hatred inspired by Catholic emancipation, or the veneration of Peel after his death, may be better illustrated in popular ballads than in pamphlets or scholarly literature. Each is a sustained and closely argued essay in its own right, and there is only space here to summarise them.

After savage parliamentary debates the repeal of the Corn Laws was finally carried through in June He thus served to develop a governmental liberalism that unified much of the outlook of party politicians, who were otherwise divided on political lines. This ecclesiastical commission was the forerunner of the Church Commissioners.

As Hurd usefully points out, Peel, the great creator of a worldwide model, "was not an original mind, but he was quick to assimilate and act on the ideas of others". The text is interspersed with cartoons and images of Peel, and Gaunt makes especially good use of poetry.

Peel therefore asked that some of this entourage be dismissed and replaced with their Conservative counterparts, provoking the so-called Bedchamber Crisis.

Following the general election ofin which he gained a majority of more than 70 in the House of Commons, Peel formed an administration that was one of the most memorable of the century. A superintendent told me it was "as much use to the police service as a degree in flower-arranging".

To say that a project is difficult, however, is no argument against making the attempt. Whenever he conveys unfamiliar information, it is to explain passages in Peel's life when he was not at the centre of attention, or points in his career that remain puzzling.Sir Robert Peel, by T.


Sir Robert Peel

Jenkins; pp. vi + New York: St. Martin's Press,$ Good biographies rarely come as short as this. It is hard to compress what needs to be said about any life eventful enough to attract a biographer. Oct 22,  · The Sir Robert Peel / Public House; The Sir Robert Peel / Public House.

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Sir Robert Peel Statue, Tamworth: Address, Sir Robert Peel Statue Reviews: 4/5

See reviews and recommendations. Sir Robert Peel, by T. A. Jenkins; pp. vi + New York: St. Martin's Press,$ Good biographies rarely come as short as this. It is hard to compress what needs to be said about any life eventful enough to attract a biographer.

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Sir Robert Peel Statue, Tamworth: Address, Sir Robert Peel Statue Reviews: 4/5

Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Baronet, FRS (5 February – 2 July ) The only real achievement of Peel's first administration was a commission to review the governance of the Church of England. This ecclesiastical commission was .

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