Poverty alleviation pakistan essay

The deteriorating security situation and rising insurgency in Pakistan has evaporated the foreign as well as local investment.

Poverty can cause other social problems like theft, bribe, corruption, adultery, lawlessness, injustice etc. Moreover, poor people send their children to madressahs which due to lack of modern and advanced education mould the young brain with intolerance, hate and extremism.

According to caloric based calories per personthe incidence of poverty declined sharply from Easy access to education, health and food should be given to poor. Poverty is one of the major social problems which Pakistan is facing.

Poverty Alleviation in India

So the meet the requirements some companies run by government are sold to foreign investors. Poverty can be controlled by few strict and stringent measures.

Poverty Alleviation Strategy

Nuclear tests of May 28ththe September 11th incident of and the war in Afghanistan have all had negative consequences like cancellation of export orders most from USsuspension of cargo and passenger flight and imposition of war risk charges WRS.

There is need to introduce reforms in agriculture and industry. Unfortunately, the condition of education sector in Pakistan is very miserable. At last everyone has lost his trust on others which affect our social and economic system and it is another cause of poverty.

K, Canada, Saudi Arabia are best options for people who complete their studies and immediately opt to immigrate abroad. Privatization Government is unable to manage the departments and country has low reserve assets.

Small provinces are lagging way behind the larger ones. Sustainable use of water, seed, and fertilizer must be ensured.

Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan

The old colonialism has changed into neocolonialism for exploitation of weak economics. The following actions are required to be taken y poor people, government, private sector and civil society organizations. The weaker the people, weaker is the economy and weaker is the defence of a country.

This in turn leads to poverty and economic loss.Poverty in Pakistan Causes, Consequences and Remedies: Pakistan is plagued by many social and economic problems since its fmgm2018.com one problem that beset it is poverty.

Poverty is the inability of people to acquire minimum of set living standard of food, clothing and shelter. Poverty alleviation is imperative if a country is to attain prosperity, honour and self-reliance in comity of nations.

Pakistan’s economy is in a downward spiral. Inflation is rising, foreign reserves are plummeting and the government is in danger of defaulting on its foreign debt. Essay on poverty alleviation in pakistan  Home» Articles» General» Economic Problems of Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan is the 47th largest in the world in nominal terms of purchasing power parity.

Pakistan has a Sami industrialized economy. Which mainly encompasses textiles, Chemicals, Food processing, Agriculture and other industries.

Progressive alleviation of poverty in Pakistan Pakistan is a rich country in terms of natural resources which includes energy resources (like coal and gas), minerals and agriculture. In spite of these vital resources, we are still lacking behind.

E niswan essay on poverty in pakistan economy is poverty in other research and reform. Unemployment in pakistan oct 24, poverty as india poverty more about child mortality to explaining poverty line. Eliminating poverty alleviation; it is the biggest problem pakistan economic growth to.

Central to an unstable life for you remove poverty. Essay On Poverty In Pakistan. Abundance and poverty are the two contrasts present on the face of the earth similar to brightness and darkness. Bountifulness represents prosperity and blessings in every shape while poverty is one of the worst miseries of human kind.

Poverty alleviation pakistan essay
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