Hookes law write up

Hooke's collaboration with Christopher Wren also included St Paul's Cathedralwhose dome uses a method of construction conceived by Hooke.

Many materials will noticeably deviate from Hooke's law well before those elastic limits are reached. Robert, too, grew up to be a staunch monarchist. Synthesis would make the ellipse the simplest of conic sections other than the circle; analysis would award this place to the parabola.

The Online Old Donation Obituary File - for those we have found an obituary with most of a recent time. A week later Hooke delivered a report in which he criticized Newton for asserting a conclusion that did not seem to Hooke to follow necessarily from the experiments described, which—in any event—Hooke thought too few.

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This led him to conclude that fossilised objects like petrified wood and fossil shells, such as Ammoniteswere the remains of living things that had been soaked in petrifying water laden with minerals. However, since general stresses and strains may have multiple independent components, the "proportionality factor" may no longer be just a single real number, but rather a linear map a tensor that can be represented by a matrix of real numbers.

It did not help that the first biography of Wren, Parentalia, was written by Wren's son, and tended to exaggerate Wren's work over all others. Hooke's statements up to made no mention, however, that an inverse square law applies or might apply to these attractions.

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Hooke's law

Sabra; an edition of the Opticks is presently being prepared by Henry Guerlac. Hooke himself characterised his Oxford days as the foundation of his lifelong passion for science, and the friends he made there were of paramount importance to him throughout his career, particularly Christopher Wren.

His Micrographia contains illustrations of the Pleiades star cluster as well as of lunar craters. Hooke's equation holds to some extent in many other situations where an elastic body is deformed, such as wind blowing on a tall building, a musician plucking a string of a guitar, and the filling of a party balloon.

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For example, one can deduce that a homogeneous rod with uniform cross section will behave like a simple spring when stretched, with a stiffness k directly proportional to its cross-section area and inversely proportional to its length. He first stated the law in as a Latin anagram.

German antiquarian and scholar Zacharias Conrad von Uffenbach visited the Royal Society in and his account of his visit specifically mentions him being shown the portraits of 'Boyle and Hoock' which were said to be good likenessesbut while Boyle's portrait survives, Hooke's has evidently been lost.

That makes her daughter 12 Ann Nivison Bradford Parks — the 12th generation descendant of those two famous women. Hooke disagreed with Newton's idea of how the body would continue to move. Experiment Outline and Purpose Aim: There he met the natural philosopher Robert Boyle, and gained employment as his assistant from about toconstructing, operating, and demonstrating Boyle's "machina Boyleana" or air pump.

The uniform motion which gives the sensation of one colour is different from the motion which gives the sensation of any other colour. It did not matter wherther it went through all of the points.

Diagram of a louse from Hooke's Micrographia Much has been written about the unpleasant side of Hooke's personality, starting with comments by his first biographer, Richard Waller, that Hooke was "in person, but despicable" and "melancholy, mistrustful, and jealous.

Hooke states in the work that he was aware of the law already in Presented Warden of and Chairman of the building Committee. The experimenter had to be sure the spring system was stationary before a reading was taken.This is known as Hooke's law and commonly written: F = The design calls for the camera to slide on a pair of rails, with a spring supporting the camera and pulling it up against the tip of an adjustment screw as shown in Figure 1.


Hooke's law

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Hooke's law is a law of physics that states that the force (F) needed to extend or compress a spring by some distance x scales linearly with respect to that distance.

That is: = −, where k is a constant factor characteristic of the spring: its stiffness, and x is small compared to the total possible deformation of the spring. The law is named after 17th-century British physicist Robert Hooke.

Nov 23,  · Candidate details: Name: Edoardo Garau; Welcome to my new science blog page! Hey everyone! This new science blog page was developed by me, Edoardo Garau, and its main purpose is that of investigating Hooke’s Law through a simple and clearly explained lab writeup.

Robert Hooke

Hooke's Law states that the extension of a spring is directly proportional to the applied load (providing the elastic limit has not been exceeded) At A level we express the idea in an equation: We can put this in an equation.

Hookes law write up
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