Hnc social care harm and abuse

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Housebound Lynette Nardone, 64was convinced she was being robbed. Training which is specific to the client group across the entire employee base results in improved effective communication, the knowledge to identify the social determinants of that group, inequalities they may potentially face, and the skills to efficiently plan and care for individuals.

Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care Workplace

The purpose of risk assessing is to make sure that no one gets hurt or becomes ill. They determined that there is an association between hours of work and both physical and psychological ill-health.

This is not a complex illustration but highlights how even basic knowledge can support in achieving individual outcomes. Health professionals adopt different strategies to mitigate the abuses and handle such people properly like showing sympathetic concern and support towards such patients and their complaints.

To continue it will additionally take into account the attitudes that promote good health and safety practice and conclude with a critical reflection of significant health and safety priorities within my own practice setting.

The caretaker was not able to handle his request repeatedly and hence he slapped the patient first and then soaked him in water for a very long time, due to this kind of action the condition of the patient got worse.

You will identify all the legislation and policies that are in place and how professionals work within the guidelines and professional standards to safeguard both practitioners and users of health and social care services.

Individuals within this group are one of the most susceptible groups within our society, with often intricate health and social care needs. Also, the working policies and strategies meant to minimize the effects of abuses have been evaluated. The complications are entrenched between the inconsistent nature of care conduct, and personal values.

Besides these steps, some of the recommendations are: Conclusion Non-compliance within health and safety always has negative consequences and a quality organisation will recognise this and empower their clients by providing a high standard of training and development for staff.

For illustration, domestic maltreatment has merely late become abhorrent in the UK. Calm and peaceful environment helps a person to become positive towards various things and change his perspectives.

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This means that all the members working with the patients need to submit their complete information before getting to work. There is the potential for care staff to be accused of abuse or poor treatment falsely Reduced intellectual capacity is a cause of vulnerability in those accessing health and social care services, and exploitation can occur without systems and strategies in place to safeguard against this.

The long term emotional effects for James could be low ego regard, depression, inability to organize relationships. Additionally, nurse must remove all the harmful objects from the room which can be used by the patient to harm him. The added influence of not understanding the language and customs of others increases the prospect of confusion, and misinterpreting social cues.1 Understand the factors that contribute to the incidence of abuse and harm to self and others 2 Understand current legislation, policy and professional involvement regarding abuse in.

HNC HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Protection of Individuals from Harm and Abuse SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT - THE GREEN FAMILY Assessor – Muriel Stirling Student Name: Emma Byfield.

HNC Social Services.

Safeguarding in Health and Social Care

Higher National qualifications provide practical skills and theoretical knowledge that meet the needs of employers. The HNC in Social Services (SCQF level 7) will equip candidates to work effectively in a range of care settings with a variety of service users.

UK College Unit 10 Safeguarding in Health and Social care

Protection of individuals from harm and abuse Substance use and abuse Psychology for social care practice Social care theory for practice Social Policy. HNC Social Care Booklet of Assessments This document contains all the assessment information you will need for the HNC Social Care.

HNC social care Paper

They are collated in chronological order with the lecturer responsible (where this is known) identified on the assessment. HNC Social Services. Higher National qualifications provide practical skills and theoretical knowledge that meet the needs of employers.

The HNC in Social Services (SCQF level 7) will equip candidates to work effectively in a range .

Hnc social care harm and abuse
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