Glass projects

Mummy Beverage Holder These cute mummy jars could be used as beverage holders, candy holders, candle holders or any number of other uses. Frosted with Epsom Salts This beautiful frosted glass is made of epsom salts. Safe to use anywhere in the house or hang on the tree.

Here's the instructions for How to Make Potion Bottles. Go to Crafts by Amanda.

Free Patterns & Projects

Go to First Palette for instructions. Turkey Jar Not only is this little turkey a nice decoration, it can also hold candies or nuts as a party favor. Pickle Jar Canisters I love these. I suggest using E adhesive and this poem on the tag: Beautiful sequins make an understated and unique decoration for a wedding reception or holiday party.

It would work well lighting the patio on a warm summer evening. Crocheted Jar Cover T-shirt yarn is used to make these crocheted covers that look like little sweaters. I usually just add a dot anywhere but the exact center, and then when I pop the cab in, I twist it all around to get a nice thin coat of glue.

I was also working with copper in my glass. Chalkboard Jars A great idea for a wedding, but also for a child's birthday party. Candle Holder The little glass flower pots that you can purchase fit perfectly inside the top of a regular-sized jar opening. Elegant Cloche Transform any old container into a tiny bell jar to showcase any collection or curio.

See The Craft Floozy. I can share my mold mix recipe not commercially available, but you can get the stuff and make it yourself At the appropriate time, our FREE in-home estimate will do just that, for those projects that you are not doing yourself.

Find all the instructions for this project at Meaningful Mama. The directions can be found at Doodlecraft. These would make an excellent gift or craft project for a child's party! Christmas Containers You'll find the instructions and an address for the vinyl letters on Super Saturday Crafts.

FashionFeaturedJewelryNecklacesTutorials book page craftscabochonsGlassmapsnecklace copyright policy and terms of use I love it when you love my work!

thermal shock

For directions, go to Crafts Be Amanda. Use clear plastic containers for safety. So you see, Paul, aside from trying to do the impossible, I am Glass projects compounding the problem with an inadequte kiln, and Glass projects refractory materials, with inadequate financial resources, in an undersized shop space.

Scroll down and follow the links to the specific instructions. Chalkboard Wine Bottles This would be a unique way to give a gift of wine, or maybe a jug of homemade beer. I extended my firing times through trial and error, and actually had to fire the base blank twice to get a full fuse.

Although these aren't filled with water, you can do so if you use a hot glue gun to affix the tree to the lid— when the glitter swirls around, it looks magical. Go to Martha Stewart for instructions.

Go to the Eyeballs by Day, Crafts by Night site for directions. Afterwards gift them to the guests. Our retail services division provides homeowners and contractors a local source for unique glass products and services such as custom glass shower doors, mirrors, table tops, and glass shelving.

It looks like they're sucking up a long string of spaghetti. Maybe I should have started with, and should be using higher temperature refractory materials.

Mesh Votives All you need for this project is a stainless steel or copper scrubby and some glue.Great, thorough, down-to-earth explanation, Paul. Thank you. May I suggest the addition of a page describing the Thermal Shock temperature range and tips on traversing this range on the way up, and the way down.

GPR, INC. is a Maryland based corporation with principal offices located in McLean, Virginia. GPR was founded in by Vito John Germinario and Khalil Gabriel Rouhana. GPR has become a major player in the exterior wall systems market in the Washington DC area. GPR’s project portfolio covers a wide spectrum of glazing applications for both exterior and interior projects.

Introduction vii Chapter 1 Glass for Fusing 1 Chapter 2 Tools and Materials 4 Chapter 3 Basic Skills 8 Chapter 4 Preparing Accent Components 15 Chapter 5 Using a Kiln 22 Chapter 6 40 Great Projects 24 1 Rainbow Glass Fish 24 2 Sailboat Night-Light 28 3 Heart Tile Box Lid 31 4 Light Pulls Thirty sea glass ideas and DIY projects including jewelry, stepping stones, & artwork.

Use pretty glass from the beach to make crafts for the home & garden Finding Sea Glass can be an addictive hobby and before you know it you could have jars filled to the top with beautiful pieces of coloured glass. Recycle mismatched plates, bowls or candleholders into beautiful glass garden flowers.

These show-stopper garden decorations are sure to be one-of-a-kind and won’t require any watering! Clean the glass pieces thoroughly with alcohol wipes and let them dry.

Use either a sponge or paintbrush to. Royal Glass is established as one of the larger premier Glass and Glazing Companies in the Region. The continued growth and success is due to the quality of services offered and well executed workmanship to owners, architects, general contractors and their projects.

Glass projects
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