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The Political Economy of Prosperity a can also be seen as a favourable retrospective evaluation of the activist policy stance. Otherwise, interest groups with an axe to grind and often with no particular expertise of their own would dominate the proceedings.

See also the article by Jones, B. Suggested Citation Arthur M. Even its originator was delightfully surprised how well the relation stood up over time. George Shultz Shultz and Damp. Okun did not serve as a non-discriminating filter, he had his own intellectual baggage and world view and that influenced the type of signals that were transmitted.

Okun [An updated version of this biography can be found at Arthur M. Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy Studies. In the process he shows his faith in the essential rightness of the market system while emerging with a moderately redistributive position.

This principle did not preclude public education through speechmaking but it did rule out lobbying. A related issue concerns the overall effectiveness and impact of economists when they do assume positions as policy advisers. They were the policy essays of an economic architect or social engineer.


Awaiting the development of firm scientific knowledge and of professional consensus on the precise measure- ment of fiscal impact would sacrifice the opportunity to provide a useful quantified concept for informed public discussion They provided positive reinforcement of the effectiveness of the activist policy stance.

Okun developed his own code to meet these standards: Thomas Kniesner, oral interview, Duke University, 29 September, The contrast between Shultz and Stein and Okun is vivid but not because zyx Okun is unaware of the constraints on discretionary policy.

We turn to a Brookings conference held in the spring ofthe proceedings of which were published in the Brookings Papers in June and in a book edited by Okun and Perry, Curing Chronic Inflation Yet the interpretation of rights in the literature on the subject sees them as defences against the state, and zyxwv zyxw limitations on its powers.

Despite these quandaries, Okun felt that the CEA had proved effective in leading to better public policy.

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These thirty-one essays, whether they first appeared in the American Economic Review or in the New York Times Magazine, are all marked by a lucid and readable style of writing and by a willingness to grapple with real economic, social, and political problems.

There was an attractive payoff to quick one-day answers zyxwv zyxwv LODEWl JKS to topical issues which could be turned into a newspaper column or speech. The accuracy of macro forecasts would be essential to any strategy of policy activism. Brookings General Series Reprint Selected Works Economics for Policymaking: Income maintenance schemes and initiatives in housing and job training all came out of the CEA.

The CEA wanted to convince Kennedy that the economy-wide gains of lowering unemployment from 7 to 4 percent were greater than previously imagined. Okun had run various different regressions between the employment-output variables, and try as he might to alter the specifications he always got roughly the same answer.

Concluding remarks A case study of Arthur Okun is illuminating in several respects. The formulation of economic policy requires a different mind-set on the part of the policymakers from that of the theorist.

Okun is aware of the problems but is more optimistic about the chances of success if we have an informed President, if we can persuade people with good logic, if we have greater economic literacy, and if we can make discretionary policy more effective. The publication has been ranked among the leading journals in the profession by recent surveys.

To find whether it is available, there are three options: The CEA had many opportunities to influence legislation and it took advantage thereof. Yet while some battles are won, the war continues to be lost.

After leaving the CEA in earlyOkun became associated with a private, public-policy-oriented, think-tank located in Washington, D. A CEA member, he agreed, should not electioneer, be a cheerleader, or oversell a programme.

Economics for Policymaking: Selected Essays of Arthur M. Okun, vol 1

Okun was most innovative in developing the policy component of the Keynesian approach to macroeconomics.Stanford Libraries' official online search tool for books, media, journals, databases, government documents and more.

" Arthur Okun was the wisest and most creative economic policy advisor of our times.

The Political Economy of Prosperity

His posthumous book is required and enjoyable reading for non-economists as well as professionals." - Paul Samuelson " In his tragically shortened career, Art Okun displayed a unique combination of talents.

Bibliography of Arthur M. Okun Arthur Okun did not leave any complete bibliography of his works. In the process of compiling Economics f o r Policy Making: Selected Essays of Arthur M. Okun (), Joseph Pechman assembled Okun’s main publications and he kindly provided me with a galley copy of this bibliography in July (pp).

Arthur M. Okun Publication List Books and Monographs "The Mirage of Steady Inflation," Brookings Papers on Economic Activity.

"The Personal Tax Surcharge and Consumer Demand, The Economic Approach to Public Policy: Selected Readings. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, Economics for Policymaking: Selected Essays of Arthur M.

Okun (The MIT Press) [Arthur M. Okun, Joseph A. Pechman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Arthur Okun - teacher at Yale in the s, member and later Chairman of the President's Council of Economic Reviews: 1.

Arthur Okun is known mainly for Okun’s Law, which describes a linear relation between percentage-point changes in unemployment and percentage changes in gross national product. It states that for every percentage point that the unemployment rate falls, real GNP rises by 3 percent.

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Arthur economics essay m okun policymaking selected
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