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I must say, I didn't think I'd enjoy it.


This is a political play, written and produced in a highly sophisticated and political society years ago. So, if you have any doubts, don't. It's so colloquial it makes me gag. Oedipus, the former ruler of Thebes, has died. The gods of the family require Anigone to remove the body of her brother from its humiliating public exposure on the city walls.

Given that Oedipus did not know of this fact until much later. Alternately considering matters of justice, allegiance and political legitimacy, Ahrensdorf and Pangle mine themes of timeless interest and application.

The issues in this play remain relevant today, and are powerfully argued by Sophocles' characters. Clearly this is not the working of "democracy" in our modern sense of the word, but neither it is the faulty, deeply troubled democracy of the Greek city-states.

Braun refers frequently to other studies on Sophocles, but his observations, particularly on the problem of knowledge in the play, are fresh and largely his own.

Gibbon's explanation of the translation is a fascinating discourse on what you would usually think of as being the dry work of translating a dusty Greek text into modern English. Allen on Mar 19, Researching translations is never an easy task, and in this case, where you'll have to search on Amazon for the title and the translator to find what you want, it's particularly difficult.

By Betsy Aldrich on Sep 03, Surprisingly enjoyable read. Irreconcilable moral imperatives By Guillermo Maynez on Apr 10, Antigone is perhaps the first tragedy to elaborate directly on the subjects of personal, family moral imperatives, against the collective moral imperatives of the State.

The introductory note is interesting, informative, and opens a door of endless possibilities as far as coming up with theatre projects incorporating blocking, costume, lighting, sound, and stage design. The late Charles Segal was Walter C. He is master of ageless Earth, to his own will bending The immortal mother of gods by the sweat of his brow, As year succeeds to year, with toil unending Of mule and plough.

Yes, it is a bit pricey considering you only get the one play as opposed to getting the entire Theban cyclebut there are several factors in the GTNT's favor: One of the greatest, most moving of all tragedies. She is later incarcerated and sentenced to death.

There was a Foreword outlining the guidelines for translation of the plays in the series; this was followed by an Introduction that included material about Sophocles's life and an essay on interpreting the play.

Antigone, an old feminist story By Tubaqueen on Apr 21, There are many ways you could analyze or interpret this book. Gibbons and Segal also develop stage directions, non-existent in the extant text, to give added weight to the dialogues.

This exciting translation of the play is extremely faithful to the Greek, eminently playable, and poetically powerful. But, make sure you get a good translation! I later found out all of my peers also liked this book.

This becomes of interest because clearly each character, in turn, tries in vain to dissuade Kreon from his course.

In Antigonehe reveals the fate that befalls the children of Oedipus. In Ancient Greek society almost every facet of life fell under the domain of one or more of the gods.

This whole notion of obeying positive law or natural law is very important, but you wouldn't know it from Fagles. With such a state of mind, he charges against Antigone, and she is very much her father's daughter: Each volume's introduction presents the play's action and themes with some detail.

Etheocles defends Thebes while Polynices attacks it at the siege. The easiest and most enjoyable translation to read and understand This edition received some good write-ups, but I wasn't able to do a direct passage-to-passage comparison.

The result is a set of handsome paperbacks destined to introduce new generations of readers to these foundational works of Western drama, art, and life. Very accessible, but the modernization of the language is just so extreme as to make it almost laughable. It was published by Nick Hern Books and has a total of 96 pages in the book.

Antigone is no "reactionary.

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Hope this all helps. And the same passage rendered in the GTNT:Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

Virginia Gonzalez Torres is a human rights activist who is Mexico's leading advocate for the mentally ill. She has been called the Dorothea Dix of Mexico. Born into a wealt. Jun 01,  · Read book Antigone / Oedipus the King / Electra / Philoctetes Telecharger ePub ou PDF.

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