Analysis of tomtom

Compensation Their compensation plan is a mix of base salary and performance-related bonus plus a long-term incentive for certain employees in mission critical roles.

Recommendation By reading the case and doing further researches, TomTom is a great navigational devices manufacturer, but there are issues TomTom has to face.

Business Programs Inthe company presented a new performance-related bonus plan which played significant role in each employee compensation.

Questions for Presentation Team of TomTom 1. All x20s included an FM transmitter and an MP3 player. Another opportunity is to diversify its business structure that based on its current business. The first is it should have better maps, something that its recent acquisition of TeleAtlas should help with, for example.

TomTom provided the modified navigational systems to meet these car manufacturers. It increased the operating risks. They use a GPS receiver to show the precise location and provide visual and spoken directions on how to drive to the specified destination.

Compared with the andthe ONE XL, with a slightly larger screen, did not have hands-free calling capability, and had a slower CPU, fewer bundled accessories and a lower price.

These are not supported by TomTom anymore in any way. After installation, it has options to choose a device to be associated to and activate the software.

This allows it to make and receive calls on NAV3 models. That said, they only turned their first loss last year, and still have financial strength as a result. If the company does not turn things around quickly, finances are going to become a considerable constraint on its future strategic implementation.

In addition, Hoffman mentioned there were three unique resources of TomTom by He divides those competitions in the two groups, which are the new and traditional competitions. There are opportunities within the market that the company can leverage.

It also said that "lifetime" meant the "useful life" of a device. In the current market, customers trend to use their own mobile phones as a navigational device. The and added hands-free calling, a faster CPU and expanded mapping and storage.

They are decrease in sales growth rate, high threat from substitutes and current competitive rivalry, and uncertain issues in the legal area. The sports watches also include a heart-rate monitor in the strap, and the Spark allows the user to stream MP3 files from the watch to a wireless headset via Bluetooth.

External stakeholders include the general public especially given the traffic mandategovernments for the samecompetitors, suppliers and customers. Also, as the increased demand in vehicles in developing countries, such as China, it is a great opportunities for TomTom to extent its business in those areas.TomTom Maps Mobility with Location Intelligence.

Harness location data to pave the way to a more mobilized tomorrow. Custom Area Analysis reports are created using the data from TomTom’s collection of anonymous journeys made by vehicles with GPS devices – for example personal navigation devices, in-dash navigation systems (e.g.

TomTom automotive partners), smartphones and fleet management devices. The external analysis concludes that TomTom is suffering from two factors; one is an increasing (indirect) competition in developing (PDA) consumer markets and second is a decreasing sales in their most important markets.

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Tomtom (AMS:TOM2)

TOMTOM RBV In this assignment I’m going to use the resource based view to explain the success of TomTom’s international business strategy. First I’ll start with a short description and history of the company. Thereafter, I will use the VRIO Framework of Barney to analyze the competitive implications and firm performance.

The internal analysis of TomTom will focus on the company's strengths and weaknesses. The company has listed several of its strengths, the factors to which it .

Analysis of tomtom
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